Social Media Chair

Nruobo Charas

Originally from Toronto (Canada), Nruobo Charas is a Doctoral Candidate in the Centre for Corporate Governance at the University of Technology, Sydney in Australia, specializing in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. She has a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from Western University (Canada) and a Masters in Sport Management from Bond University (Australia). Nruobo’s combined passion for community engagement and personal background in elite sport has led naturally to her current work which focuses on corporate social responsibility strategies within professional sport. Nruobo continues to work with organizations around the world to develop innovative policies and programs that create shared economic and societal value.

About the Social Media Chair

The XXXX (Community) is committed to building an inclusive and innovative knowledge community with an interest in and around XXXX. Each year, we select a Social Media Chair to support our knowledge community's online interaction and build powerful relationships with scholars, teachers, students, and enthusiasts worldwide.

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