Institutional Open Access

Common Ground is proud to announce an exciting new model of scholarly publishing: Institutional Open Access.

Institutional Open Access allows faculty and graduate students to submit articles to Common Ground journals for unrestricted open access publication. These articles will be freely and publicly available to the whole world through our hybrid open access infrastructure. With Institutional Open Access, instead of the author paying a per-article open access fee, institutions pay a set annual fee that entitles their students and faculty to publish a given number of open access articles in Common Ground’s peer reviewed academic journals.

The rights to the article remain with the subscribing institution. Both the author and the institution can also share the final typeset version of the article in any place they wish, including institutional repositories, personal websites, and privately or publicly accessible course materials. We support the highest Sherpa/Romeo access level—Green.

For more information on Institutional Open Access or to put us in touch with your department head or funding body, please contact us.


The annual Institutional Open Access fee covers the costs for a given number of faculty or students from an institution to publish accepted articles open access. The fee structure is as follows:

5 articles: $1,125
10 articles: $2,250
15 articles: $3,3375
20+ articles: Please contact us for a quote.

Why is Institutional Open Access good for authors?

Publishing articles open access increases their visibility, accessibility, and citation counts. Institutional Open Access allows an author’s institution to support the research of its students and faculty and transact directly with the publisher, so that scholars are not responsible for paying a manuscript or publication fee.

Why is Institutional Open Access good for departments and institutions?

Institutional Open Access provides faculty and research students in an institution the right to submit papers for review and possible publication in any of Common Ground's 69 English Language journals and 10 Spanish journals with no manuscript submission or publication fee. By publishing as open access, both the authors and the institution enjoy significant additional visibility for their work, and have the right to distribute freely their final typeset articles.

Why is Institutional Open Access good for libraries?

With Institutional Open Access, Libraries recover the copyright of the raw material created by the scholars working at their institution. Libraries can include the typeset version of published articles in their institutional repositories, thereby showing the finalized "intellectual products" of their institution to the world.

Do all the faculty and students from a given institution have to submit their articles to the same Common Ground journal?

No. Members of an organization participating in the Institutional Open Access program can choose which one of Common Ground's 79 journals they would like to submit to. If an institution participates at the 5-article level, each of those five articles may be submitted to a different journal.

What if an article is not accepted for publication?

When an organization decides to participate in the Institutional Open Access program, they select a participation tier. Each tier corresponds to a specific number of allotted open access publications. As a result, if an institution chooses to participate at the 10-article level, that means that during a one-year period, Common Ground will publish 10 open access articles by members of that institution. However, if 10 articles are submitted but only 8 are accepted for publication after peer review, the institution and its members may submit 2 additional articles for publication consideration. The tier number refers to actual publications, not necessarily article submissions. All submissions undergo initial editorial review and anonymous peer review before a final publication decision is made.

What if faculty and students of a participating institution want to make articles that were previously published in Common Ground journals open access now?

Previously published articles can count towards the tier number that a participating institution chooses. For example, an institution participating at the 15-article level could publish 10 new submissions as open access articles and make 5 previously published articles open access.