Journal Submission Process:
  1. Proposal Submission
  2. Article Submission
  3. Initial Editorial Check
  4. Peer Review
  5. Registration Confirmation
  6. Contract Negotiation
  7. Final Article Submission
  8. Typesetting
  9. Article Publication

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Article Submission

The Arts in Society knowledge community aims to create an intellectual frame of reference for the arts and arts practices, and to create an interdisciplinary conversation on the role of the arts in society. It is intended as a place for critical engagement, examination, and experimentation of ideas that connect the arts to their contexts in the world, on stage, in museums and galleries, on the streets, and in communities. Articles published in Common Ground's Arts in Society Collection range from the expansive and philosophical to finely grained analysis based on deep familiarity and understanding of a particular area of arts knowledge or arts practice. They bring into dialogue artists, theorists, policymakers, arts educators, to name a few of the stakeholders in this conversation.

The Arts in Society Collection welcomes article submissions for potential publication. Articles submitted for publication pass through a rigorous, anonymous peer review process. The publication decision is based on the reviewers’ reports. Authors may only submit one article per journal volume for which they are credited as first author. You do not need to be a member of the Arts in Society Knowledge Community to submit an article, but if your article is accepted for publication, you must join the knowledge community to proceed. 

Before submitting an article for review and publication consideration, you must have an accepted proposal. This can be a either a proposal for an in-person presentation at the International Conference on the Arts in Society or, if you will not be attending the conference, an Article Submission proposal.


If you have an accepted proposal, you may submit your article at any time. Please click here for more information about the collection's submission timeline. To submit your article, please click the button below to log in to your CGPublisher account. All submissions must follow our Author Guidelines. If you experience difficulty submitting your article, you may click here for detailed instructions or send your article to


To complete article publication, at least one author must be a member of the Arts in Society knowledge community. If you are attending the International Conference on Arts in Society, an in-person registration will include Community Membership. If you are not attending the conference, we offer a Non-Attending Membership. You may find more information on our Membership page. Please click the button below to join the knowledge community.