Submitting a Proposal for Article Submission

Before you can submit your full article for potential publication in the Arts in Society Collection, you must first have an accepted proposal for either in-person presentation at the International Conference on the Arts in Society or, if not attending the conference, for Article Submission. Click the button below to submit your proposal.


Components of Online Proposal Form:

  1. Presentation Type: For those individuals not attending the conference, please select "Article Submission" from the dropdown menu. Please click here if you will be attending the conference.
  2. Short Description: A short summary of the main idea of your article. May be no longer than 30 words.
  3. Longer Description: A concise description of the purpose, methods, and implications of your scholarly work. This will serve as the Abstract (may be revised prior to publication). Recommended length of 150-200 words.
  4. Keyword set: Keywords are used to organize journal articles, so please choose words that clearly describe the main idea of your work. Sample keywords are provided in the Themes section. List only 2-3 keywords.
  5. Knowledge Focus: Choose if your work has a Practice, Research, or Theory focus. 
  6. Theme Selection: Select the theme that best categorizes your work. Theme selections will be used to sort articles into the correct thematic journals. See Themes for a detailed description. We will of course accept proposals related to other topics, as well.
  7. Biographical Information: Organization or institution, position or title within the organization/institution, short statement of interests.
  8. Language: Please note that all articles must be in English. For information about publishing opportunities in Spanish, visit our Spanish language community pages.

If you have trouble with the online process, download the proposal form and follow the directions; or contact us for assistance.


Important Note: You do not need to be a member of the Arts in Society knowledge community at the time of submission, but if your article is accepted for publication, you must join the community before your article can be published.