Translation Services

Common Ground is pleased to offer translation services for authors who would like to have their work translated into or from Spanish or Portuguese. Papers that have undergone peer review and been accepted for publication by one of Common Ground’s journals are eligible for this translation service. Papers can be translated from Spanish or Portuguese into English and published in one of Common Ground's English-language journals. Or they may be translated from English into either Spanish or Portuguese and be published in one of Common Ground's Spanish and Portuguese-language academic journals. In this way, we offer authors the possibility of reaching a much wider audience beyond their native language, affirming Common Ground's commitment towards full internationality, multiculturalism, and multilingualism. All translations are done by professional translators.

Common Ground Publishing’s Translators will:

  • Provide an accurate and idiomatic translation of your article, being careful to preserve the tone of the original.

Common Ground Publishing’s Translators will not:

  • Edit or revise references
  • Translate passages that have already been translated or perform back-and-forth translations. The author must provide either the officially translated passage or the original excerpt. Authors may also indicate whether they’d like to have quoted material in block passages left untranslated.

Our Guarantee

  • If a submission deadline passes while your article is being translated, your article will not be withdrawn or rejected.

The process

  • Email us to express your interest in having your article translated.
  • Our editorial team will review your article and provide you with a quote based on the word count of the paper.
  • Once you accept the quote, a translator will be assigned to your article.
  • Within 14-21 business days of your confirmed payment, you will receive a draft of your translated article via email. You will have a chance to communicate with the translator via the draft using Word’s “track changes” function. Based on that communication, the translator will supply you with a final copy of your translated article.


  • Please note that we take academic integrity seriously. By submitting your article for translation, we trust that the material you have submitted is based entirely on original material. If plagiarism is found by the translator or discovered after an article has gone through our services, you waive the right to a refund. If plagiarism is found and your article has been uploaded to our system, the article will be withdrawn from the publication process, and future revisions of this article and any article submitted by you will be ineligible for submission to our journals and our translation or editorial services.
  • Please note that only papers that have been published or accepted for publication are eligible for this translation service.

Request More Information

For more information or to request a quote, please email us.