Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. When should I register?
  2. What are the registration types and fees?
  3. How do I register?
  4. How do I pay my conference registration fee?
  5. What if I have questions or problems with the registration process?

When should I register?

  • If you plan to present at the conference, and have submitted a conference proposal, register as soon as possible after your proposal has been accepted. Note that your presentation cannot be scheduled until you have indicated your intention to attend by completing your registration and paying your registration fees. 
  • In scheduling your presentation, we assume that you will be attending the entire conference and will be available to present on any day. If that is not the case, please contact with your scheduling request when you have completed the registration process, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Scheduling requests with Late Registrations will be honored if possible, but much of the program scheduling has been completed by then, so scheduling options are more limited.
  • If you are attending the conference but not presenting, you may register at any time prior to the conference start date as a "non-presenter".

What are the registration types and fees?

  • There are several types of registrations (full, student, returning member, non-presenter, etc) which are explained on the Registration Types page.
  • Registration fees vary depending on the date of your payment, i.e., during Early, Regular, or Late Registration periods. These dates are listed on the Registration page.

How do I register?

The online registration system has been designed so that you may register through a web interface and also monitor the status of your registration payment and confirmation.

When you click the "register" button below, this will open in a new window in CGPublisher, where you will have two options:

  • If you are an Existing User you will need to login with the email address and password used when you first created your account. Forgot your login? Click here.
  • If you are a New User you will need to follow the instructions to create an account and proceed with registration.

Upon confirming your registration you will be able to view the invoice on screen. This invoice may be printed. You will also receive an automated email confirming your registration requirements, and an invoice/receipt.


How do I pay my conference registration fee?

You pay your registration fees as part of the registration process on CGPublisher. If you registered for the conference without completing the payment information, you may go back and enter payment later. However, your conference presentation will not be scheduled until you have paid your registration fees, or have made arrangements through the Accounts department to pay your fees on-site at the conference. Go to Payment Options and Terms for more details on payment methods. View Terms and Conditions  for additional information.

What if I have questions or problems with the registration process?

If you have trouble with the online process for registering, you may download a registration form and submit it to

If you have general questions, need help understanding the process, or would like more information about the status of your registration, please contact us and your questions will be directed to the appropriate person. 

View complete terms and conditions regarding cancellations or refunds.