This conference and journal aim to build and publish community knowledge around the ideas expressed in the Community Themes and the statement of Scope and Concerns.

You may participate in and support this community at a number of levels.


Common Ground Publishing offers a number of opportunities for organizations or groups who might want to offer sponsorship to our conferences and journals. We ask that interested organizations are linked with the themes of the conference and are willing to connect with the conference and journal community. Allow us to help you increase exposure of your organization or group within our community of engaged and enthusiastic academics, graduate students, teachers, practitioners and professionals.

Conference sponsorship packages combine exposure before the event and maximum impact during the conference. For organizations or groups wishing to target a specific day, materials, or social events during the conference, individual sponsorship provides an attractive option. This allows your organization to choose your desired level of involvement and exposure to attendees at the conference. A key reason why attendees come to Common Ground conferences is to establish personal contacts and to network with other delegates and interested parties from around the world – so social events such as the conference dinner, lunches, and breaks are very well attended.

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Past participants of the Conference and people who have expressed interest in the Conference or subscribed to the Conference Newsletter, receive regular email updates. Community members are also welcome to send news items for the newsletter.

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If your conference, journal or association works in a related area, we will promote your organization in return for your shared support (a ‘contra’ arrangement, involving no direct charges). We may add your links to our website, mention you in our Conference Community email Newsletter, or include your brochures in our Conference bags. In return, we ask for your support by providing similar exposure for our Conference – for example, an advertisement in your journal, a mention in your newsgroup, or a link on your website. To begin a collaborative relationship, please click the button below.

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We are always interested in the possibility of establishing relationships with universities, research institutes, or other organizations which may wish to host the Conference one year. We’re looking for host organizations that have a genuine interest in the field, and who are prepared to offer intellectual support (suggest themes for the year, invite keynote speakers and participate in the International Advisory Boards for the Conference and the Journal). Ideally, the venue should be located in a place where people want to travel during a holiday period, and to which they may be able to bring their partners and families.

The Conference provides substantial international exposure for the institution in which it is held. We request that hosts provide the venue at no charge, or at a nominal charge. In return, we promote and run the Conference at no financial cost to the host institution, and take all financial risk. We also offer the host institution a block of free registrations for faculty/staff and graduate/postgraduate students.

By way of background, Common Ground is a publisher, conference manager, and research organization. We are an independent company that works on projects in conjunction with universities and other organizations. We have been in the conference business since 1989, and provide a substantial and sophisticated web presence along with a small, dedicated team which develops, promotes, and co-ordinates the management of the Conference itself.

As a group of people, Common Ground has an active interest in the academic, political and social areas addressed in our conferences. We aim to provide a forum for people to come together to share ideas, and are truly committed to creating an environment that is informative, challenging, credible and enjoyable for all involved.

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